The McGill Law Office provides a personal and dedicated legal representation.  To achieve this I have identified and developed features of my legal practice that are geared to understanding each client's needs and offering them a tailored legal service that is committed to achieving their goals, whilst being mindful of their personal and commercial circumstances.  I pride myself on always being at the ready to respond instantly to my clients’ needs and encourage them to contact me whenever they have a concern they wish to discuss.

Below are some of the features of my practice that offer clients of the McGill Law Office a high standard of focused legal representation and also allows them to take advantage of a wealth of connections and resources

Goal Orientated

I am focused on meeting my clients' objectives as quickly as possible, without incurring unnecessary cost or compromising on the quality of the legal services that I provide.

There are often several routes to achieving a client's goal but choosing the path that is right for the client is what really matters.  From the outset, I will identify your goals, the key issues of your case and the potential problems that may arise with a view to avoiding unnecessary legal expense or delays.   I will provide you with details of the different options available to you and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each.   

My experience has also taught me that proactive and innovative solutions can be very effective, which is why I always seek to understand the commercial and personal interests of all parties involved in the case.  I can then explore whether there is a practical or creative way of obtaining the desired outcome without engaging in a costly and drawn out legal process.

Flexible Fee Structure

I offer a variety of ways in which you can structure payment of your legal costs, depending on the nature of your case and the type of representation that you require.  I am committed to providing my clients with a tailor-made legal service and, where appropriate, I encourage clients to choose a preferred fee arrangement, including hourly fees, fixed fees, contingency fees or a combination of these options.  

Network and Connections

Over my forty years of legal practice I have developed a large network of connections, which includes many attorneys from around the world, expert witnesses, mediators and prosecuting attorneys.  These connections provide me with a wealth of resources, which often prove to be highly beneficial to the results I achieve for my clients.

I have particularly enjoyed working with my close friend Rod Sisson, whose principal office is in Anchorage, Alaska.  Rod and I have litigated cases together in California and Alaska, as well as in Hawaii, where I have appeared with permission of the courts pro hoc vice.  Rod and I have achieved great success in the cases we have worked on together, which I attribute to our great working relationship, our work ethic and our shared philosophy of putting clients’ interests first.

International Reach

In a world where international trade and cross-border disputes are becoming increasingly common, I am proud to associate myself with UK attorney, Richard Parry. Richard received his legal training in the UK where he worked for 8 years at Eversheds, a highly respected international law firm with world-wide presence.  In addition to being a member of the Law Society of England & Wales he is also licensed to practice in California and the Cayman Islands. Richard currently works as an attorney at Solomon Harris in Grand Cayman, where he advises international clients on multi-jurisdictional disputes, real estate, regulatory compliance, corporate governance and trust law.  My connection with Richard provides my law office and my clients with resources should they require advice or representation in the United Kingdom, the Cayman Islands and beyond.


My blog posts are aimed to keep my clients, social media follows and my legal update recipients informed, educated and entertained.  The posts focus on protecting your legal rights, notable changes to the law and the impact it may have on you, as well as the weird and intriguing legal stories that often go overlooked.