Photo by Keith Brofsky/Photodisc / Getty Images
Photo by Keith Brofsky/Photodisc / Getty Images

City workers are blown up and severely burned in an explosion caused by methane gas migrating from a nearby dump.  A poorly maintained stairway causes a man to take a terrible fall at a nudist retreat.  A young woman is never seen by a doctor at a medical clinic and suffers severe brain damage as a result of a blood clot that a doctor certainly would have diagnosed.  A deck railing collapses, launching a man down to a terrible encounter with the concrete slab below.   An automobile safely stopping at a traffic signal is rear-ended at high speed causing the driver to suffer serious spinal injuries of the neck and back requiring surgery and a long period of rehabilitation.  


"Our aim is to obtain the highest possible money compensation for each and every client we represent."


We don’t do a high volume personal injury practice at the McGill Law Office.  You will not see our services for personal injury clients advertised on late night television.   Each case, each personal injury client of the McGill Law Office is given close attention and individualized services.   Our aim is to obtain the highest possible money compensation for each and every client we represent.  

Our highly individualized services require outputs of energy, time and resources that are not really possible in a high volume personal injury practice.  Our clients are kept informed at every step of the process.  Our clients are the decision makers in their cases and we believe that they must understand the process and be fully informed in order to make good decisions about their cases.  With our adversaries, often insurance companies and their lawyers, we are amiable but very aggressive and absolutely relentless and persistent.  They know that we will take the time, spend the resources and apply the energies necessary to get our clients the very best results.

Up next, I will write a little more about each of the real cases touched on in the first paragraph.  

A sad reality of our lives is that people are injured and killed as a result of the wrongful acts of other persons or institutions.  If you know of anyone in these circumstances who might need the services of the McGill Law Office, Edmond McGill will be happy to take the call.  There is never any charge for such a phone conference and anyone calling need not feel committed at all.   When we and a new personal injury client have agreed to go forward with a personal injury case, there is no need for the client to worry about attorney’s fees as the case moves forward.  There is no fee unless there is a recovery for the client and all fees, in personal injury cases, are taken from the recovery at the end of the case and not paid by the client as we go along.

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