The Holidays

The Holidays, year’s end and the new year, a season of joy and celebration, touching here and there, the law in ways small and large is also a time to realize that having a good lawyer is a very good thing.  So here is some seasonal advice from your lawyer to ensure a joyful holiday season and a great new year.  

  • If you have a business, an LLC or a corporation, now is the time to plan your year-end and new-year’s necessities.  Do you need to elect directors, appoint officers or approve the actions of officers during 2015?  Ed McGill can prepare your resolutions, review your contracts and help you to plan for a very prosperous and successful 2016.
  • Avoid the doldrums of the new-year brought on by overspending in the holiday season.  It can feel good to spend money but January can be a hard month when the bills come due.  We are pounded with messages to remove the restraints of prudence and economy and, in the spirit of the season, let us spend, let us spend, let us spend.   But grave legal consequences can come from taking off all of the reasonable restraints.  Money is the biggest bone of contention in marriages and overspending and debt sometimes drive couples to the divorce lawyers or into bankruptcy.   It’s a hard thing to have a call from a client seeking services for divorce or because the client is in danger of bankruptcy.
  • Watch your credit cards.  A greater number of transactions means a greater number of opportunities for the theft of your credit card information.  You might want to consider using services such as Apple Pay and Pay Pal in order to create an additional layer of security for your credit card accounts.  Check your credit card statements right away.  If you see any unrecognized transactions, contest the charges with your credit card provider and report any fraud immediately.  
  • Guard your shopping bags, purses and wallets when in crowded places.  Unfortunately, this time of year is boon to purse-snatchers and other thieves.  Recovery from the immediate effects of such thefts is unlikely unless you have insurance that covers the losses.  If your wallet or purse is stolen, you might well need legal help to deal with the complex consequences of identity theft.
  • Imbibing in the spirit of the season and holiday partying are time-honored customs. A good practice for job security is to limit yourself at an office party or at parties given by business associates.  Whatever the circumstances, Ed McGill, while prepared to do so, would prefer not to have to provide legal services to defend a client’s drunk driving case.  Accidents and bodily injury can raise the stakes to felony charges and insurance companies may not provide coverage for certain of the claimed money damages when injuries are caused by drunk driving.   Practice moderation and designate a driver.  If you or anyone you know is injured by another as a result of drunk driving or in any other circumstances, let Ed McGill know.  If he takes the case, he will make guilty party or his insurer pay and he will do it without any charge to his client unless and until a recovery is made.

The sun will return soon - days longer and then warmer.  Opportunities - family, friends, business - in a new year, 2016, will be upon us.  If there is anything that Ed McGill can do to help to make the new year better and more successful for you, just call.  

Content prepared by Edmond McGill. © Edmond McGill, 2015


This message and the information presented here do not create or evidence an attorney-client relationship nor are they intended to convey legal advice or counsel.  You should not act upon this information without seeking advice from a qualified lawyer licensed in your own state or country who actually represents you. In this regard, you may contact The McGill Law Office and then representation and advice may be given if, and only if, attorney Edmond McGill agrees to do so in a written contract signed by him.