El Niño

How may times do you hear people remark on the extraordinary occurrence of weather, the temperature outside, ice, snow, wind and rain just being so different from the expected average.   If the average rainfall for January in San Francisco is 4.5 inches, shouldn’t San Franciscans expect 4.5 inches of rain this year?  Well, really it might be more reasonable to expect rainfall between 24 and 0 inches this year which is the range for January over the last 175 years – a period with extreme annual variability from which the average is drawn.  Averages are not reality.  Nature follows her own rules no matter how humans measure and cipher.

Modern meteorologists do have some predictive abilities, however, and this year 2015 – 2016, January rainfall might well be much higher than the average 4.5 inches.  That’s because, they say, El Niño is coming.   El Niño is a periodic weather pattern that brings raging storms, great winds, huge snow packs in the mountains that will fill water reserves to overflowing in the Spring and lots and lots of cold rain,  - much more rain than in any “average year”.

El Niño may break the terrible drought suffered by Californians these last few years but it will not break it with warm and gentle Mayday showers.   Gales and torrents, raging downpours with flooding waterways are the stuff of El Niño and, as happy as Californians may be with the end of the terrible drought, they are well advised to batten down their hatches and prepare for the hammer blows of a wet and windy winter.

Mudslides, flooding, storm damages and automobile accidents all come with the big storms of an El Niño winter.  The McGill Law Office stands ready to offer its services to you if your house or other property is injured or destroyed as a result of flooding or mudslides.  So often, these damages are the result of the negligence of other property owners in changes that they make to watercourses or because the responsible government improperly constructed or failed to maintain government water drainage systems.  Please see the article previously posted on this subject. 

You may have claims against other property owners, against the government or against your own insurance company for thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars and more.   The McGill Law office stands ready to represent you if you need to make these claims and to file and prosecute lawsuits on your behalf if that is necessary to make sure that you are completely compensated for any losses.  In many cases, compensation to the McGill Law Office can be made on a contingency basis and that means that you will not have to pay any fees up front and none at all unless and until a recovery has been made for you.

Unfortunately, with big storms, come more automobile accidents with damaged cars and injured people.  Take a look at the McGill Law office articles on the subject of automobile accidents and, if you or anyone you know is injured in an automobile accident, call Ed McGill.  

If you property has been damaged or you or anyone whom you know has been injured in an automobile accident, call Ed McGill.  I will be glad to speak to you free of charge to see if your case is a good fit for us to work together.

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