Jingle Bells

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle … “oh, wait that’s not the radio.  It’s the phone.  Who would be calling this time of night?  And on this of all nights – It’s the night before Christmas” “I don’t know George.  What time is it?”  “It’s 3:00 a.m.  Well, Dorothy, Merry Christmas.”  “Put it on the speaker George.  I want to know who is waking us up at 3:00 a.m. on Christmas morning.”

You are receiving a call from the county jail booking desk.  This is a collect call.  The caller is a person who has been arrested and booked into the jail.  You may accept the charges by pressing ‘one’ after the inmate identifies himself or herself.  The inmate calling is …”Georgina Crolla”. … If you do not wish to accept the charges for this call, hang up now or press ‘one’ now to accept the charges.

“Oh, no, George …”   “Mom, Dad …”

While the holidays can really be a wonderful time of year for families and friends, sharing good food, exchanging gifts and enjoying fellowship, ironically and tragically, it is also a time of year filled with social and legal problems.  People drink too much.  Sometimes they are arrested. Sometimes they cause accidents.  Some are the victims of accidents caused by drunk drivers.  Some are victims of the increased violence that occurs in holiday season.  Some are the victims of thefts, petty and large.   

We don’t know what charges Georgina is facing.  Perhaps she was at a Christmas Eve party and made the mistake of driving home after having a bit too much to drink.  Serious as this is, a misdemeanor drunk driving charge will have far less impact on Georgina’s life than a felony drunk driving if someone was hurt in an accident caused by Georgina’s impaired driving.  The McGill Law Office can help but Christmas dinner might still be stiff and uncomfortable for Georgina.

Georgina’s case is just one of the types of events that are seasonally increased during the holidays.  Stay tuned to read about other seasonal problems with which the McGill Law Office may be able to help you.

Enjoy the holidays. Be alert.  Stay safe and be happy.

Content prepared by Edmond McGill. © Edmond McGill, 2015


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