Bill Cosby headed to jail?

2015 was a banner year for celebrity justice.  You will have to be the judge of just what sort of banner that has been.  TMZ has, perhaps too excitedly at times, reported on stories from copyright litigation over the song ‘Blurred Lines’ to Tom Brady’s involvement in the deflated footballs scandal. Perhaps the most heinous of all, however, was the revelation that Bill Cosby might not be that funny, trustworthy family man serving us brightly colored gelatin treats through the TV set, but rather, a longtime sexual predator.

Once the first allegations were made against Cosby during a comedy routine that went viral, additional claims came swiftly following.  Cosby has now been accused by over 50 women of rape, drug facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse and sexual misconduct. It’s a stark contrast to “The Cosby Show’s” all American Dad routine - that’s for sure.

With alleged incidents occurring from 1965 to 2008, spanning 10 U.S. states and even into Canada, Cosby still argues for his innocence, denying allegations in repeated interviews and broadcasts. Guilty or not, Cosby is fortunate that the law is on his side in certain regards as most of the alleged crimes fall outside the statutes of limitation for criminal proceedings. Put simply, too much time has passed. In the wake of this, several civil lawsuits have been filed.  Most closely watched is an felony assault charge brought against Cosby in Pennsylvania..

This past summer, a Pennsylvania Federal District Court unsealed deposition testimony that revealed that Cosby admitted to acquiring prescriptions for Quaaludes back in the 1970’s. Still, Cosby denies these felony charges which originate from early accusations made by Andrea Constand, and his legal team has taken it a step further in a motion to dismiss the case. Prosecutors seem anything but disheartened, arguing that this is just another attempt at celebrity special treatment.

Cosby has powerful lawyers working for him and an expensive public relations team blowing a lot of smoke.  Even so, it may not be enough to save him when his victims have their day in court.  He and his accusers must trust the court.  They have no choice.  Wait and see what happens to America’s favorite dad.

Now it does happen that innocent people are arrested and charged with crimes.  And it happens that people who may have done something wrong are over charged and face penalties far beyond what is just.  In any circumstances where you or someone you know is under suspicion, being investigated, or has been charged with a crime, it is very important to consult with a competent, experienced and faithful attorney right away.  

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