Our Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

I have over 40 years of criminal law experience and will aggressively defend your rights from arrest, or criminal investigation through criminal charges, trial, post-trial issues, sentencing and appeals.    

I will review all charges and facts claimed, analyze any constitutional violations, consider whether the prosecution has presented sufficient evidence to meet the burden of proof, and explore any affirmative defenses that may exist.  It is vital that allegations of criminal wrongs are addressed immediately and in their entirety. 


My litigation practice includes personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, contract disputes, property damage, professional negligence, fraud and insurance coverage issues.

I have recovered millions of dollars for my clients who were harmed or injured and defeated claims made against my clients where they were being wrongfully pursued for vast amounts in money damages.  I have represented private individuals, partnerships, family businesses, insurance companies and corporations.  

Real Estate

Knowledgable advice is often crucial in property related matters in both transactional and dispute situations. Whether it involves a commercial lease or a  boundary dispute with a neighbor, it is important that you understand your rights and obligations at the outset.  This could be the difference between a swift resolution or the uncertainty of a lengthy legal battle.

Business Law

I can provide you with a concise analysis of your business law needs.  If you are planning to enter into a new business relationship or a new contract or deal in an existing relationship, it is vital that you give full consideration to the contents of the transaction agreements.  It is important that you understand the extent of obligations expected of you as a failure to comply with these obligations can result in significant liability. Often it is not until a dispute arises that the contents of a contract are fully understood and considered, at which point it is too late to rectify the harm.

Here are some examples of success in my cases.  Please remember that success depends on many factors, including the particular facts and circumstances of each case.  What is written below must not be taken as an assurance or guarantee that a similar result will be obtained in your case.  If I do take your case, I will pursue your goals with the same vigor that brought about good results in my other cases.

Some Notable Achievements

The "Rub-a-dub-dub" San Quentin Escape Case

I prevented the State of California from convicting inmates who were accused of building a boat and escaping from San Quentin Prison by rowing it to freedom on San Francisco Bay. 

Taking strategic initiative in the case and effectively arguing that, regardless of what the newspapers wrote, the prosecution had not proven its case with evidence in the courtroom, I persuaded juries in two separate trials not to convict.  After that, the District Attorney gave up and dismissed the case.

Ed McGill’s successful defense of the Rub-a-dub-dub case was a triumph of imagination over presumption.
— Rod Sisson - Attorney

Catastrophic Brain Injury - Alaska and Israel

When a foreign student suffered serious brain injury in Alaska, I sprang into action with Rod Sisson of the Sisson Law Group.  Edmond and Rod aggressively litigated the case.  

After taking depositions in Alaska, we flew to Israel and took more than a dozen depositions covering the length of the country in just three days.  This diligent and aggressive action resulted in the highest single-person mediation award that JAMS mediation service in Seattle had ever seen, providing just compensation for the client’s debilitating injuries and resources for the client to receive care for life.

Landslide and the cost of inaction - Northern California

Powerful Pacific storms tore away cliff-side land adjoining property owned by a not-for-profit corporate client located along the northern California coastline.  The destructive nature of the storm exposed a two-inch diameter water pipe.  The utility company that owned the pipe was notified but failed to take any action to rectify the risk posed by the pipe.  The pipe subsequently broke and the water pressure carved more of the land from the cliff, sending the land 60 feet below into the Pacific Ocean.

Lawsuits were filed against the utility provider and the client’s insurer, but both refused to accept responsibility.  Following my entry into the case, I pressured the parties into settlement negotiations and secured a very favorable outcome whereby his client received settlement funds equal to the market value of its property while also retaining the land and beautiful residence which had been placed at risk by the defectively placed utility pipe.