Continuing the mission with Edmond and Richard


Congratulations from Edmond McGill to Richard Parry  

Richard, Congratulations on passing the California exam. This qualification, in combination with your existing admission to practice and long experience as a lawyer in the United Kingdom really will give you world wide reach.  

It was certainly good to meet with you across the Thames from M-I 5 Headquarters on that bright and sunny London day a few years ago.  And here now in the United States, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy our collaboration for clients at the McGill Law Office. Intelligence, discretion, vigorous advocacy, sound commercial advice and counsel are ever your by-words.

I am looking forward to future missions to efficiently achieve the very best results for the businesses and individuals in whose service the McGill Law Office exists.

The Launch of our New Website


McGIll Law Office is excited to announce the launch of its new website.  In developing the site we wanted to create something that reflected the passionate and dedicated approach that we bring to our legal work.  

The new site has also presented us with a perfect opportunity to promote my relocation from the UK to California, where I will be working with Ed as a contract legal consultant.

"If you build it, they will come".  Those were the words famously whispered to Kevin Costner in the film classic, Field of Dreams.  Well, the site has been built and we hope all those who visit find it informative and helpful.  Please forward our website link and contact details to anyone you feel would benefit from our services.  

We would be grateful for any feedback you may have about the site so that we can continue to improve it. 

Kind regards