I am highly experienced in transactions and in disputes.  In over more than forty years of practice, I have tried numerous difficult and complicated cases to judges and to juries often winning against long odds and earning a reputation for imagination, persistence and good natured aggressiveness.  As a transactional lawyer, I have represented my clients in a vast variety of high energy transactions including buy sell agreements, executive employment agreements, partnerships, complicated transaction cancellations, commercial leases and many more.  My experience as a litigator and trial lawyer provides great benefits to my business transactional clients because I know what a fight looks like and how to draft favorable provisions for my clients to avoid fights or to have the advantage should a fight be unavoidable.


My civil litigation practice includes corporate disputes, personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, general contract disputes, property damage, professional negligence, fraud and insurance coverage.

Over the years, I have recovered millions of dollars for my clients who have sustained economic losses or physical injury.  I have also defeated numerous claims made against my clients when they were being wrongfully pursued for vast amounts of money or being forced to give up their rights or interests.  I represent private individuals, partnerships, family businesses, insurance companies and private corporations.  

Photo by Digital Vision./Digital Vision / Getty Images
Photo by Digital Vision./Digital Vision / Getty Images

Real Estate/ Property Management

Whether in the management of a commercial property portfolio or in a dispute with an adjoining land owner, I can provide you with the legal expertise you need to understand your rights and your obligations.  Consulting a lawyer regarding your current and future property interests is strongly advised if you want to avoid the cost and frustration that real property disputes can create. 

If you own a portfolio of properties, or are leasing as a commercial tenant, it is vital that you carry out your legal responsibilities and you must be aware of the triggers that may expose you to financial burdens.  Break-clauses, repair covenants, consent for alterations, options to purchase, rights of way - these are just some of issues that should have your attention.  Not understanding these technical areas can lead to expensive and lengthy legal battles.

I can help manage your property portfolios.  Depending on the size and the needs of your business, this can range from carrying out a review of specific documentation and flagging important issues, to taking primary responsibility for conducting all legal aspects of property management, including purchasing real property, conducting lease renewals, renegotiating contract terms, extending break clauses, sub-letting all or part of a property, assigning certain rights, advising on boundary and subsidence laws, erecting wind turbines or solar panels and providing representation in disputes.

Business Law

It is important that you understand the extent of the obligations expected of you or your company, as a failure to comply with these obligations can result in significant liability.  Often it is not until a dispute arises that the contents of a contract or the actions taken by management, officers, directors or owners are fully understood and considered, at which point it is too late to rectify the harm.

My business law services include business formation and corporate governance.  Choosing the right business model and carefully drafting incorporation documents that protect you and your business are paramount.  I will explain to you the items that well drafted incorporation documents should address and advise you of the impact each will have on your business.  

I am also able to assist you should you wish to incorporate your business or establish a subsidiary offshore.  Where appropriate I will refer you to attorneys in the Cayman Islands who carry out the incorporation work and provide corporate management services where needed.  There are several benefits for companies to have their registered offices in a tax neutral jurisdiction such as the Cayman Islands.  If you would like to know more about incorporating your business in the Cayman Islands, please contact me. 

Criminal Defense

I have over forty years of criminal law experience and will aggressively defend your rights from arrest or criminal investigation through criminal charges, trial, post-trial issues, sentencing and appeals.   

I will review all charges and facts claimed, analyze any constitutional violations, consider whether the prosecution has sufficient evidence to meet the burden of proof, and explore any affirmative defenses that may exist.  If, after reviewing the evidence and the law with me, you contest the charges, I will try your case to a jury with the goal of obtaining an acquittal.

It is vital that allegations of criminal wrongs are addressed immediately and in their entirety.